Sunday, September 23, 2012

94. Paper Flowers

I've made a few Halloween flowers out of dyed newspaper. I plan to make three orange ones and three black ones, maybe more if I end up with extra free time. Right now I have two orange flowers completely finished. I should have the last orange one finished today, I am just waiting for the last few petals to dry. Once those are dry I am going to finish dying the black petals. I should have all the flowers finished tomorrow.

The only other projects I have worked on this week are the window silhouettes and some daily sketches. I have almost all of the silhouettes cut out, once I finish them I will post them.

Friday, September 14, 2012

93. Card Sketches

I just finished getting my scanner working again. So the first few sketches are still taken with my camera. The last sketch is for Christmas cards. I am hoping to get them done early this year, just in case I end up having to do extra I hopefully wont run into time issues.

I have almost finished making the window silhouettes, but I probably wont put them up till the first week in October.

There is also another artist promotion on society6. If you use this link : there will free shipping on products in my shop until September 16th.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

92. The Beginning of Halloween

I finally got Photoshop to work again and as soon as I did my scanner stops working. Because of this I had to use my camera for the first picture.  The first picture is rough sketches of Halloween decoration I plan to make. I plan to make a few silhouette images that will go in the windows. There are still a bit rough, but I wanted to start measuring and figuring out what images would work best. I still need to measure a few more windows, but I should be starting on a few of them later this week.

The rest of the images are more daily sketches I have done this week.