Tuesday, January 28, 2014

143. Sketch Dailies: 419 to 431

I've been sticking to doing at least part of my sketch dailies digitally. These are sketch dailies for days 419 to 431. The sketch daily for January 24th, the heart door is what I am working on completely finishing. Depending on time I hope to finish it by next week. The sketch daily for the 25th is the start of another idea I want to work on more but I probably wont start working on it until after I finish the heart door piece and finish the first birthday present I need to make.

Society6 has also added clocks to their product options http://society6.com/SVaeth/wall-clocks.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

142. Sketches Days: 413 to 418

     Sketch Dailies for days 413 to 418. The last two days I ended up drawing them as usual and then coloring them digitally, so I hopefully plan to keep that going.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

141. Updated Logo and Sketches Days: 394 to 412

     I have been meaning to update my personal logo for a while and I finally had enough time to do it over the holidays.  The first picture is my final logo as well as my small icon / avatar to go with it. The second image is the my new business card design, I whited out my phone number but that would be above my Behance link. The last picture are is the inked over version. I ended up with around five pages of sketches and ideas before deciding on the final one, then I inked it on tracing paper and scanned it. Once I scanned the inked version I cleaned it up and changed a few things in Illustrator to get the final version. I went thru yesterday and updated every site that I am on, the header of this blog, Society6, Behance, Twitter etc..  I am still in the process of updating a few non web based things that will hopefully be done over the weekend.

     Society6 is also having another artist promotion if you use this link: http://society6.com/SVaeth?promo=12cb90 there will be free shipping in my store thru January 12th.

     The rest of the pictures are Sketch Dailies for days: 394 to 412 . I am not sure what I plan to work on next I have a few ideas for future projects but, I also have a few birthdays coming up that I need to start working on ideas for as well. I will probably be trying to get the birthday stuff done first so that I am not rushed like I was with xmas.