Thursday, April 25, 2013

114. Patterns, a Castle, and Sketches: Days 140 to 152

     The sailing pattern from my previous post is now up for voting here: Spoonflower presents the designs randomly so there is no direct link to my my specific design. Voting for that design ends on Wednesday, May 1st.

     I also have a t-shirt up for voting on Threadless for their Real Play contest. A link to my design is here: Below I have a few pictures for this design. The first is the original sketch I did. The second is the original outlines I had done with pen. I ended up not using them, because they didn't come out that good. The last two images are the final design / submission pages. Voting for this design ends on May 5th. Thank you to anyone who votes on either the pattern or the shirt design I really appreciate it.

     The next picture is some rough sketching for another pattern idea. It is fairly rough and I am not sure about a few things. I may end up making two patterns instead of one, but I am not sure yet. I will probably do some more sketching for it in a few days.

     The rest of the pictures are for sketch dailies days 140 to 152. Society6 is also having free shipping thru Sunday:

Friday, April 12, 2013

113. Finished Pattern and Sketches: Days 130 to 139

     I ran into some tech issues this week but here is the finished pattern. The rope ended up just not looking right, so I ended up not putting it in.  I submitted it to Spoonflower's weekly contest for sailing using a restricted palette. The voting for this contest does not open until April 25th, so I will post about it again once the voting actually opens.

     The rest of the pictures are for sketch dailies - days 130 to 139.

     I have also put the 2014 calendar in my society6 store, and they are also having another artist promotion thru April 14th at midnight PST. If you use this link: there will be free shipping in my store.

     I am not sure what I want to start working on next. I might end up doing another pattern but I also want to get back to practicing with my tablet in Photoshop. For almost everything I use just Illustrator and / or InDesign, so outside of some photo editing I really haven't done much in Photoshop for a few months. So I may focus on that mainly, or try to make time to do at least one sketch daily in Photoshop a week.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

112. Finished Calendar and Sketches: Days 121 to 129

     Here is the finished calendar, I will put it in my Society6 store either Friday afternoon or Friday night.

     The second picture is some rough sketching for a new pattern idea, that I plan to submit to one of's weekly contest. I will start working on it either tomorrow or Thursday and hopefully finish it by Monday. This pattern probably will not go into my society6 store, I'm not sure yet.

     The rest or the pictures are Sketch Dailies for days 121 to 129. I wont be doing anymore in chalk, those were just fill in until I got a chance to get a new notebook for sketch dailies. I will most likely start doing my sketches in pen again.