Wednesday, March 26, 2014

149. Sketches: Days 479 to 488

Sketch Dailies for days 479 to 488.  I have been keeping up with doing most sketch dailies digitally. Swamp Thing was the last one I did in Photoshop. My scanner has been having issues so I switched to doing them in Illustrator for the last few days.  I am posting them daily here

The first picture is from sketch daily on March 22nd. I ended up working on it a little more and making a few minor tweaks. I have put up the finished version in my Society6 store here.

I am working on two quilled birthday cards, the first I hope to have finished this weekend and the second sometime next week.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

148. Sketch Daily: Days 472 to 478

Another batch of sketch dailies. I have kept up with coloring them in Photoshop for the most part. The first couple pictures are expanding on the League of Super Foods idea. I plan on coloring it, there are just a few things I am working on that need to be finished first.

Again I am uploading them daily here, I am still trying to sort out the issue with uploading on blogger.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

147. Sketch Dailies: Days 467 to 471

A quick update with sketch dailies for days 467 to 471. I have been keeping up with coloring them in photoshop. The Harley Quinn one and the league of super foods one I am planning on working on more to make them into finished pieces. The Harley Quinn one I did not realize until after working on it for a bit that the colors are on the wrong side.  I am still posting them daily at

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

146. Quilled Snoopy & Sketch Dailies: Days 462 to 466

     The first set of images are of the finished quilled snoopy and a few in progress pictures. I am probably going start sketches for the next two birthday presents later this week. I have another piece I am working on and plan on having finished sometime  next week.

     Society6 is also having another Artist Promotion. If you use this link there will be free shipping in my store thru March 9th.

     For sketch dailies this week I have been practicing more with taking my ink drawings and coloring them in photoshop. I like how Groot and the lion sock puppet turned out. The nutcracker one I ended up forgetting to change a setting on my tablet while I was coloring it. The background came out fine but some of the shading on him is a bit off. I am probably going to play with setting more when I work on tomorrows sketch daily.

I have also been posting sketch dailies everyday on my Tumblr here: Mostly because recently I have been having a few issues with uploading images to blogger, they tend to appear anywhere from slightly blurry to a complete mess. Nothing about how I save and upload my images has changed so I am in the process of trying to figure out the issue.