Tuesday, March 4, 2014

146. Quilled Snoopy & Sketch Dailies: Days 462 to 466

     The first set of images are of the finished quilled snoopy and a few in progress pictures. I am probably going start sketches for the next two birthday presents later this week. I have another piece I am working on and plan on having finished sometime  next week.

     Society6 is also having another Artist Promotion. If you use this link http://society6.com/SVaeth?promo=12cb90 there will be free shipping in my store thru March 9th.

     For sketch dailies this week I have been practicing more with taking my ink drawings and coloring them in photoshop. I like how Groot and the lion sock puppet turned out. The nutcracker one I ended up forgetting to change a setting on my tablet while I was coloring it. The background came out fine but some of the shading on him is a bit off. I am probably going to play with setting more when I work on tomorrows sketch daily.

I have also been posting sketch dailies everyday on my Tumblr here: http://svaethdesigns.tumblr.com/. Mostly because recently I have been having a few issues with uploading images to blogger, they tend to appear anywhere from slightly blurry to a complete mess. Nothing about how I save and upload my images has changed so I am in the process of trying to figure out the issue.

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