Friday, June 28, 2013

122. Citrus Pattern and Sketches: Days 206 to 216

     My citrus pattern is now up for voting on Spoonflower. The link for voting is here: Again Spoonflower post the designs randomly so there is no direct link to my specific design. The voting for this contest ends Thursday, July 4th.

     The rest of the pictures are Sketch Dailies for days 206 to 216.  Other than that I have a few ideas for new projects. I think I will have the sketches worked out over the weekend and then post them on Wednesday.

     Society6 is also have free worldwide shipping thru Sunday

Monday, June 17, 2013

121. Balloons and Sketches: Days 195 to 205

     I did a few of the balloons, but I didn't like how they were turning out. I probably will not do the rest of them, or if I did I end up sketching more first.

     The rest of the pictures are for sketch dailies days 195 to 205. I am not sure what I will start working on soon, I have to see what is going on later this week.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

120. Citrus, Balloons, and Sketches: Days 186 to 194

      Voting for my card design 'I man not be able to give you The Moon...' ends tonight / tomorrow morning. A link to my design is here: Thank you to anyone who votes I really appreciate it.

     The next picture is a pattern I finished a few days ago, I entered it into another one of spoonflower's weekly contest. The voting for this one does not start until near the end of the month, so I will post about it again when the voting actually starts.

     The next two sketches are for projects I am going to start working on over the weekend. I think I should have the letter done by Monday, and I think I should have some of the balloons done by then as well. Some of the balloons I will probably end up changing completely but I am not sure until I start working on them more.

     The rest of the sketches are sketch dailies for days 186 to 194. I have also put the diamond pattern up in my Society6 store here: