Tuesday, January 22, 2013

104. A flower and Sketches: days 49 to 59

     I have mostly been working on some of the flowers this week.  Below is a picture of the paper I am using. One is a printmaking paper, that I think is cotton. The other is kinda of like an unryu paper, that is more cloth like, you can also see the fibers in it fairly easily. Normally I wouldn't use these in a craft project like this at all, but somehow they were separated from the bulk of my paper stash. In the process they ended getting fairly damaged; and because they were separated I am not a hundred percent sure exactly what kind of paper they are.

     I ended up having enough of the print making paper to cut and dye the petals for three pink and three yellow flowers. I should have those put together by the end of the week. I also made a test flower out of the other paper, because I wasn't sure how it would hold up because of how fabric like it is. Below is a picture of the flower, it seemed to come out pretty well. I should be able to at least make the final three purple roses. I hope to at least have the petals for those cut today and if I have enough time maybe dyed as well. I am going to do a test lily with the second paper this week to see how it turns out. If it doesn't work I have some blank news print I will probably use. 

     I haven't started the Happy Birthday / cards yet. I want to try and get the flowers done this week and if I do I will start the cards by the end of next week. I have also included below the sketches for days 49 thru 59.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

103. Type, Paper, and a large batch of sketches

     I have been working on various birthday present ideas. I think I am at least getting close to narrowing what I am going to make down and hopefully start soon. The first picture is for the cards I am going to make.  I am not sure if I am going to hand draw all of the cards or work up  'Happy Birthday' in Illustrator, print them and then do either quilled balloons or candles on them. I am still working on some of them letters, but I am getting closer to what I want them to look like.

     The second picture would be another part of the presents I am making. I am thinking about making a set of paper flowers, three being roses from my Halloween Post and three being lilies. I am  working on making the paper lilies to go with them. I am still working on exactly how to make them; I still have to make the center bits for them. The picture at least shows a quick test to see how they would turn out. I haven't really thought about the stems yet, but I will at least start dying the paper for the roses. I am going to make most of these flowers red, pink, purple, and yellow. I wont be using actual newspaper for these but I might use blank news print or some spare drawing paper I have.

     The rest of the pictures are a large batch of sketch dailies. I am close to doing a sketch everyday for fifty days, I am hoping that I can continue to make time to do one everyday for a year in total. Which would end up being around Thanksgiving.

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     I will also be removing my 2013 calendar designs Night sky, Hourglass, and Notes from my Society6 store on February 28th. I have a few ideas about 2014 designs, but I wont start working on them until I finish the birthday stuff.