Sunday, March 24, 2013

111. Calendar Update 2 and Sketches: Days 109 to 120

     Here is an update on the calendar so far. I ended up getting sick last week so I didn't get as far as I wanted to on it. I need to finish putting the rest of the symbols in place, and aligning all the actual days. I think I may end up making a new symbol for June. I was originally doing a beach ball and it just didn't look quite right, so I am trying to work that out. Other than that I am just trying to narrow down which fonts I will end up using. The 2013 will also end up being 2014, I was trying different fonts and didn't notice I was using the wrong year.

     I have also started to upload more of my Society6 pieces to Redbubble as well ( I have only been adding one or two pieces a day and will continue to add more throughout the week.

     The rest of the pictures are the sketch dailies I have done for days 109 thru 120.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

110. Calendar Update and Sketches: Days 99 to 108

     The first picture is a partial update on the calendar. These are two ideas for frames for the months. I will most likely end up using the one on the left, but there are still a few changes I plan to make. The inner frame that is somewhat orange right now will probably end up lighter and closer to a cream color. Then the stripes on the inside will also end up lighter so that they wont distract from the text.

     I might end up adding a texture behind or inside the frames, or possibly both. I'm not sure yet.  I have also finished making symbols in illustrator for almost half of the months. I think I will finish them this weekend, and then post them as a group. Then at some point next week I will start putting the calendar together.

     The rest of the pictures are the sketch dailies for days 99 to 108.

     Society6 is having another artist promotion, so if you use this link: there will be free shipping in my store until March 17th.

     Other than that I am working on getting all my work that is in my Society6 store to also be in my Redbubble store. Mostly I am working on adjusting the sizes. Basic prints are sized fine but on other products such as Iphone cases, Redbubble wants a slightly different size than Society6 does. As soon as I re-size at least most of my pieces, I will start slowly uploading there. The link to my Redbubble is: 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

109. Sketches: Calendar Update and Days 89 to 98

     The first picture is an update on the calendar sketch. I've added a few of the symbol ideas for each month. I have worked out most of them so far, and will most likely finish the rest later today and tomorrow. I will most likely start working on this in Illustrator on Monday or Tuesday.

     The rest of the pictures are sketch dailies for days 89 to 98. I haven't had enough time to do any this week in water color pencils, but I am going to try and at least do them in colored pencils this coming week.

     I also removed my 2013 calendar designs from my Soceity6 store ( earlier today.