Tuesday, February 28, 2012

61. Quilled snoopy

This is the second half of today's post. First is the quilled snoopy, the piece is 5 x 7 inches. These are pictures from a couple of stages while it was being made.

The last two images are of my new society 6 shop pieces. The piece is called "Underwater" I ended up making two versions with different color schemes.

I plan on working on the last birthday preset next which will be the whale piece. I also have a set of note cards / thank you cards for my etsy shop. I will be trying to get the cards done or at least very close to done today. I will start the whale piece tomorrow.

60. Daily Sketches

There were a lot of pictures for today's blog post so I am breaking them into two separate blog post. These are the latest three daily sketches I did. The first is from Sunday, the words were "golf" and "medicine." The next is Monday's and the words were "neglect" and "box." The last is today's, so far I was able to come up with something for the first two words the generator gave me but I had to switch them, I had no idea what to do with the original words. The original words were "helmet" and "bastard", I ended up using the next words it gave me which were "Vending" and "Jail."

Saturday, February 25, 2012

59. Sketches and quilled magnets

I have been wanting to get back into drawing everyday. So I found a random word generator and will be doing a quick sketch everyday, not spending more than one to two hours on each. I may end up working some of them up more and make them prints in my society6 shop, but I am not sure yet.  I will probably post these in batches every few days instead of everyday. The word for the first one were "Drip" and "Gasp."

The second sketch is the start of my next society6 print. Both of these sketches I drew a bit to light and my scanner did not pick them up well so I had to darken them in Photoshop a lot so that they were easily seen.

The next pictures are a new set of origami star ornaments. There are 13 stars with a striped pattern in this set. I am thinking I will put these in another top hatter auction after my flower ones, that will be up Monday.

The last set of pictures are of my card suit quilled magnets. I have a second set of these in progress already that I hope to have done today. This set in the pictures are already available in my Etsy shop.

My quilled snoopy piece is coming along well. I was hoping to finish is yesterday but I wanted to have good in progress pictures of it in daylight. So I am hoping that there will be a little bit of sun today so I can get pictures of its current state. Right now all the black outlines are done so I just need to fill everything in.

Monday, February 20, 2012

58. Quilled Flower Magnets

This is my latest item. They are a set of 3 quilled paper magnets measuring 3x3 inches. The flowers are quilled the same way as my other flowers and then attached to a piece of matte board with magnets on the back. I am trying something new with selling these.

I have been watching a few auctions tophatter.com.  They are rather entertaining and something I think is worth while to check out. I am going to have these magnets in an auction next Monday ( February 27). They will be in the handmade crafts auction that starts at 2 pm PST (5 pm EST). This is a link to the auction http://tophatter.com/auctions/374  The fee's they charge are a higher than Etsy but you only get charged if your item sells.  There is an open chat during the auction so it is a nice way to meet and talk to sellers and buyers, as well as answer any questions buyers may have about your item live. You also do not have to be present for the auction to sell an item. When you first join you can only sell one item at a time and as you earn a reputation you can sell more. While this is not really a way to sell a lot of things like my Etsy shop. Tophatter seems like a great place to get your name and items out there.  Even only selling an item once a week, it a few new eyes on your pieces and possibly some new buyers.  I will probably have another post mentioning this auction as well as a few twitter post. I recommend checking it out if you haven't already, even if it is just to see how the site works. The weekend bazaar auctions are nice, but be warned you should multitask while watching them you can easily loose your day watching the auctions.

Other than that I am working on the card set magnets and the snoopy piece. The flat parts of the snoopy piece are done and I can begin the actually quilling work. I will probably not work on it today but hopefully tomorrow. The flat pieces for the card magnets are also done, the diamond being finished already. I ran into some trouble with the heart so I need to make a new one, I might end up finishing that heart anyway and selling it as a misfit in my Etsy shop.  My plan is to finish these today and list them in my Etsy shop tomorrow. 

I also put a new photograph in my Society6 shop called "Crane."

Also sorry for the wall of text. I didn't thing I was going to write that much today.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

57. Quilled Paper Garland

Here are my two latest pieces in my Etsy shop. The first is a quilled flower garland. This garland measures around 7 to 8 feet long and has six quilled flowers strung together with white yarn. There are two purple, two yellow, and two pink. the flowers are in a pastel color that is perfect for spring or Easter.

The next is another set of origami lucky star ornaments. These are made the same way my previous set was. This time it is a set of 12 red polka dots, with white and red yarn loops.

Over the next week I have two projects I plan on working on. The first is the quilled snoopy piece from my sketch a few post back. The second is another piece for the Etsy shop. I plan to make a set of club, spade, diamond, and heart card icons. These will be quilled magnets around the size of 4 x 4 inches. I am also thinking of making an ornament set version as well, but first I want to make the magnets.

Friday, February 10, 2012

56. Origami Lucky Stars

This is my latest item in my Etsy shop, Origami Lucky Star Ornaments a set of 10. These stars are all around 1 inch in diameter with a black ribbon attached. These stars were made with 3/4 inch wide white paper strips. Then I drew the spiral pattern on the paper before folding them into the stars. I am thinking about making a few more of these sets with different patterns and colors.

I am also working on making quilled Easter eggs, I ran into some problems with the last two so I am working on finishing them by Monday hopefully. I am also working on a quilled flower garland. I plan to make pastel flowers like my previous flowers, but only the heads of the flowers. I then plan to attach them to a piece of white yarn. I am still working on exactly how long the garland will be, how many flowers, and the size of the flowers. I am thinking that these flower heads will be smaller than my other flowers but I am not sure yet.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

55. A Bird and Some Stars

This will be a big post today with lots of pictures. First is my latest Society6 print "Under the Bed." This is available in my Society6 shop.

Next is the first birthday present I am doing, woodstock from charlie brown. There are around eight pictures showing progress from beginning to the end. I am already working on the next one and that will be the snoopy one. I posted the sketches for the three I plan to do a few post back.

The next set of pictures are of lucky origami starts I have been making out of old magazines. I have boxes of old ones laying around and have been trying to figure out what to do with them. I may end up selling some of these in my Etsy shop as supplies or decoration for people in packs of one hundred stars, but I am not sure yet. These stars I am doing now are being made out of an October 19, 2009 copy of Business Week. The sizes of the stars varies so I posted some of the varying sizes next to a quarter just to give an idea of how big they are.

The last images are the good pictures of the Birthday cards I did. These two are the ones available in my Etsy shop now.

I also want to mention that my "Quilled Paper Art - Love, Heart and Arrow" was posted in the Etsy Paper Team blog. If you are interested in any paper crafts I would check out the blog here http://etsypaperteam.blogspot.com/. There are many wonderful paper items and etsy sellers it highlights.

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