Saturday, February 25, 2012

59. Sketches and quilled magnets

I have been wanting to get back into drawing everyday. So I found a random word generator and will be doing a quick sketch everyday, not spending more than one to two hours on each. I may end up working some of them up more and make them prints in my society6 shop, but I am not sure yet.  I will probably post these in batches every few days instead of everyday. The word for the first one were "Drip" and "Gasp."

The second sketch is the start of my next society6 print. Both of these sketches I drew a bit to light and my scanner did not pick them up well so I had to darken them in Photoshop a lot so that they were easily seen.

The next pictures are a new set of origami star ornaments. There are 13 stars with a striped pattern in this set. I am thinking I will put these in another top hatter auction after my flower ones, that will be up Monday.

The last set of pictures are of my card suit quilled magnets. I have a second set of these in progress already that I hope to have done today. This set in the pictures are already available in my Etsy shop.

My quilled snoopy piece is coming along well. I was hoping to finish is yesterday but I wanted to have good in progress pictures of it in daylight. So I am hoping that there will be a little bit of sun today so I can get pictures of its current state. Right now all the black outlines are done so I just need to fill everything in.


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  2. Hi, I am another Etsian. I love scrolls, so i love the visual appeal of your quill designs! You can check out my blog at

    1. Thank you. I was already following your blog 8).

  3. New follower here via Promotion Locomotion Team! Love those sketches and the scrolls! Can't wait to see Snoopy, Joe Cool is my favorite cartoon character ^_^ . Come visit me at Happy Tuesday!