Thursday, June 26, 2014

159. Patterns and Sketch Dailies: Days 576 to 580

I have made my citrus pattern: and
my sailing pattern: available on

They can be found here: and are available as fabric, wallpaper, decals, and gift wrap.

The rest of the images are for sketch dailies: days 576 to 580. This week I've been focusing on painting most of them in Photoshop.  Because of the time it takes the only one that I actually finished was Scooby doo's collar, the rest are at varying stages. They probably wont get finished, I was more focused on just practicing.

I post sketch dailies everyday here: 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

158. Sketch Dailies: 567 to 575

Sketch Dailies for days 567 to 575.

The sketch daily for 574 is a Pokemon based masquerade mask, that I am working on finishing over this weekend.

I post sketch dailies everyday here:

Thursday, June 12, 2014

157. Sketch Dailies: 560 to 566

Sketch dailies for days 560 to 566. There is also a month long 50 robot challenge going on 25 being imagination and 25 from reference. I am currently on 18/50, evelen of which are imagination and seven from reference.

Sketch Daily 561 was an adopt a pet / spay and neuter your pet poster. When I get the chance I want to clean it up and work on it more.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

156. Sketch Dailies: Days 549 to 559

Sketch Dailies for days 549 to 559.

The Sketch Daily theme for day 552 was coloring another persons line work from the previous day's theme. I ended up coloring three of them.

The first one is a dragon with lines done by /u/tofarawaytimes the original post can be found here:

The second one is a turtle with lines done by /u/Alkionti the original post can be found here:

The last one is the character from bastion with lines done by /u/PantryBandit and the original post can be found here:

I post sketch dailies everyday here: