Friday, February 10, 2012

56. Origami Lucky Stars

This is my latest item in my Etsy shop, Origami Lucky Star Ornaments a set of 10. These stars are all around 1 inch in diameter with a black ribbon attached. These stars were made with 3/4 inch wide white paper strips. Then I drew the spiral pattern on the paper before folding them into the stars. I am thinking about making a few more of these sets with different patterns and colors.

I am also working on making quilled Easter eggs, I ran into some problems with the last two so I am working on finishing them by Monday hopefully. I am also working on a quilled flower garland. I plan to make pastel flowers like my previous flowers, but only the heads of the flowers. I then plan to attach them to a piece of white yarn. I am still working on exactly how long the garland will be, how many flowers, and the size of the flowers. I am thinking that these flower heads will be smaller than my other flowers but I am not sure yet.