Friday, April 12, 2013

113. Finished Pattern and Sketches: Days 130 to 139

     I ran into some tech issues this week but here is the finished pattern. The rope ended up just not looking right, so I ended up not putting it in.  I submitted it to Spoonflower's weekly contest for sailing using a restricted palette. The voting for this contest does not open until April 25th, so I will post about it again once the voting actually opens.

     The rest of the pictures are for sketch dailies - days 130 to 139.

     I have also put the 2014 calendar in my society6 store, and they are also having another artist promotion thru April 14th at midnight PST. If you use this link: there will be free shipping in my store.

     I am not sure what I want to start working on next. I might end up doing another pattern but I also want to get back to practicing with my tablet in Photoshop. For almost everything I use just Illustrator and / or InDesign, so outside of some photo editing I really haven't done much in Photoshop for a few months. So I may focus on that mainly, or try to make time to do at least one sketch daily in Photoshop a week.

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