Saturday, June 30, 2012

79. Hook - In progress

I ran into a bunch of computer problems this week. I thought I had them fixed yesterday, but ended up running into a new one. I had "hook" almost finished and then without warning my computer shut it self down. Since then it has been restarting or shutting it self down repeatedly. I think it may be over heating but I am not 100% sure right now.  I am going to be leaving it shut down for a while and hopefully finish this piece late tonight or tomorrow morning.

So for now here is the progress parts that I have. The first is is the outlines for the pieces. The second is the last piece of saved progress I have, but it ended up being an .eps file instead of an Ai file. So I am still basically back to working from outlines only.

The only thing I had complete that is not in the second image is the hook itself and some of the cuff.

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