Tuesday, November 19, 2013

134. Update and Sketches Days: 352 to 361

Kind of a big update post as well as sketches for days 352 to 361.

Society6 has updated the tote bags they sell http://society6.com/SVaeth/bags. They have changed the bags so that they now have each piece covering the entire bag. When they did this they used the existing art that was uploaded for pillows. Because of this most of them look correct on the bags, without any odd cutoffs. There are a few that I need to re-size so that they look right on the bags without making the pillows look off.

They have also added mugs http://society6.com/SVaeth/mugs. I am not sure which uploaded art they used but they added a new section to upload a file specifically for mugs. Some of the mugs look fine, but the majority I need to go through and fix. 

For both the pillows and the toe bags I am not sure when I will get a chance to fix the art, it might end not happening until after Christmas. Right now I am focused on getting stuff done for Christmas.

I had sketched and cut one card, but it ended up having issues and I didn't like how it turned out. I have another card sketched already. My plan today is to tighten it up and get it ready to completely ready to cut and then cut and put it together tomorrow. Depending on how long it takes I might have to finish it on Thursday. I am hoping to post it on Thursday or Friday. I finally got around to making a photo box so if everything works out I should be able to take pictures right away instead of hoping for a decent amount of sunlight.

After this card there are four more cards I plan to do I want to have them all sketched out by Monday and then hopefully start cutting the second one on Tuesday and maybe have the third done by Friday. I want to hopefully stick to this schedule and have all the cards done on the first week in December. I am behind on Christmas stuff this year so I am hoping nothing comes up and throws this off. But with Thanksgiving next week I have no idea.

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