Sunday, December 1, 2013

136. Second Xmas card and Sketches Days: 366 to 373

     I finished the second of the five cards and the next three are sketched out. I fixed the issues I had with the first card but ended up running into a few new ones that I think I have figured out and should have fixed for the rest of them.

     The rest of the pictures are more sketch dailies for days 366 to 373.  Now that the holiday is over I want to try and focus on doing them digital instead of ink.  Society6 also now has free shipping thru Cyber Monday (tomorrow) They have also added two new products kids shirts and onesies.

     The Yogscast has also started their charity live streams today. They stream everyday in December to raise money for charity.  They are raising money for five different charities this year, and the streams usually start around 2 pm EST and go to whenever, probably at least 5pm EST but it is currently almost 9 pm EST and they just finished streaming. The full information about the streams and the charities can be found here and a rough schedule of who is streaming when can be found here. Last year they raised of a total of around 240k British pounds and so far today day one they have raised over 100k US dollars and they still have 30 days left. Besides that in general is something great to check out especially if you like video games.

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