Sunday, July 13, 2014

161. A mask and Sketch Dailies: 589 to 597

I finished the butterfree Pokemon masquerade mask, I am not sure when I will finish the clefable one. The rest of the pictures are for sketch dailies 589 to 597. 

Sketch Daily 590 was  Fictional Dress Up Redux  - The theme was to redraw someones drawing from the previous day I stuck with adventure time and did /u/sysconfig
post of superman finn and krypto dog jake

Sketch Daily 593 was Random Wikipedia pages. I did three different pages
1) Public and National Library of Greenland
2) Freddie Toliver
3) Fenneregg

The herb garden pattern is something that I did for another one of Spoonflower's weekly contest.  The voting for this one does not start for another week and a half or so.

I post sketch dailies everyday here:  

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