Friday, June 19, 2015

255. A Notebook and Sketch Dailies: 936 to 938

I have a bunch of swatches from my patterns and I have been working on ideas of what to use them for. I ended up testing out using one to make a sketchbook / notebook. Since the swatches are 8x8 inches the notebook ended up being a bit of an odd size 3.5x7.5 inches.

Overall it turned out okay. There are some minor issues that I can easily fix if / when I make another one. The cover pages ended up a bit crooked and off in size.  I think I could of and should of added more pages as well because there are some gaps when opening the book. I think adding more pages and binding them differently should fix this.

I still have a bunch of swatches so I might think about using two different patterns to make a bigger notebook or try and think of something else to use them for.

The rest of the pictures are for Sketch Dailies : 936 to 938.

I also post the sketches daily on my Tumblr:


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