Thursday, February 7, 2013

106. A Birthday card and Sketches: days 73 to 75

     This is the first of three birthday cards I plan to make. I wanted to keep these fairly simple because they will each go with a set of six paper flowers. I plan to make the 'Happy Birthday' on the last two cards a bit darker and each will have a different colored set of balloons. I think I should have the last two cards and last three purple roses done this weekend. After that I just need to finish the lilies. So I am thinking that I should have the entire set of flowers and the cards put together the weekend after valentines day. Which would luckily put me way ahead of time since the first Birthday isn't until the beginning of March and the next two are not until the beginning of April. When I finish all of the cards and flowers I plan to take better pictures of everything grouped together.

     Once I finish the birthday stuff I have a few ideas for 2014 calendar designs I want to start. I also have a few ideas for a small Easter project. But I am not completely sure about it, I may not have time to actually finish it before Easter. I have to just see what is going on and play it by ear.

     The last three pictures are for sketch daily: days 73 to 75.

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