Wednesday, February 20, 2013

108. Sketches : Calendar Idea and Days 76 to 88

     The first sketch is one of the calendar ideas I will start working on. I want to have one of these little frame type things for each month with a small symbol for the month on it. I am working on the symbols for each month now and will start working on this idea in illustrator as soon as I narrow them down. I plan to have the inside of the frames be striped, just using two shades of the same color. Such as february would be a light and a slightly darker shade of pink.  I am thinking about making the decorative frame around it white. I am still playing around with color possibilities just because I a not sure what color I want the overall background to be, I am leaning a bit towards making it white as well. But I will see what happens once I get the sketching done and bring it into illustrator.

     The rest of the pictures are the dailies sketches I have done for days 76 to 88.  I have been playing around with a few different materials for these. I may end up sticking with water color pencils at least until I finish the notebook I am currently doing them in. It just depends on how much time I have to work on the sketch everyday.

     As a reminder I will be removing my 2013 calendar designs Night sky, Hourglass, and Notes from my Society6 store at the end of February (the 28th or March 1st).

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