Wednesday, May 1, 2013

115. Sketches: a Pattern and Days 153 to 157

     I worked on the pattern ideas from my previous post a bit more. The diamonds on the left are the more finished idea, that I plan to start working on later today or tomorrow. I have a rough idea of another pattern, that I will start working on once I finish the diamond one.  The rest of the sketches are Sketch dailies for days 153 to 157; I haven't done today's sketch yet. 

     The voting for the sailing pattern from my previous post ends tonight / tomorrow morning. The pattern can be voted on here:: Spoonflower presents the designs randomly so there is no direct link to my my specific design.

    The t-shirt design I made is still up for voting on Threadless for their Real Play contest. A link to my design is here:  Voting for this design ends in 6 days on May 6th. Thank you to anyone who votes on either the pattern or the shirt design I really appreciate it.

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