Thursday, December 15, 2011

37. Progress 2 - April and May robots, and much more

This will be a somewhat long post with lots of pictures. The first image is a pencil drawing of a Zombie Acorn that will be made available in my Society6 shop. I also plan to make a colored version of this at some point, most likely after I finish the Robot months I am currently working on.

The next two images are the flat colors for April and May Robot. I am hoping to have these finished by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. I am also hoping to have the finished March Robot up either tomorrow or Saturday.

The last images are of smaller version of the quilled paper flowers I did. The original ones were around twelve inches long and six inches wide at the widest point of the flower. These smaller ones are around four inches wide and six to eight inches long. Each of the smaller flowers take me an average of three hours to make, which includes cutting the strips and assembling the flowers. I am also working on putting together a few more color options for these. I have gotten my shipping supplies so I plan to put these in my Etsy shop soon.  I am still working on pricing them so at the earliest they will be up by the middle of next week, but more likely they will be up right after Xmas.

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