Tuesday, December 27, 2011

40. Robots and More

Here are the robot sketches I have finished. I ended up sketching these a bit to light so my scanner had trouble picking them up. I ended up having to adjust them in Photoshop more than usual to get them to be seen easily. The first one is June Robot, with this one I am still working on what or if he will be facing anything while playing volleyball. The next one is July Robot and for this one I am working on what the background will be still. It will most likely just be sky and clouds. The last image is August Robot. This one is pretty much set.  I am not sure yet when the first outline will be done for these, I might focus on getting the last sketches (September and October) done first.

The next image is another pencil drawing I did of a stone house. This is already available in my Society6 shop.

The last image is a pattern design I made. This will be available in my shop later today.

The quilled flowers for my Etsy Shop will hopefully be up later today. I just need to photograph them first. I will post on my Twitter when they are put up for sale.

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