Monday, December 19, 2011

39. Finished April and May Robots

Here are the finished April and May Robots. These will both be made available in my society6 shop soon. I will be posting April Robot later today and May Robot will be posted tomorrow.  I have not worked up any sketches for the remanding robots yet (June, July, August, September, and October).  I am going to try and get as many as I can done for next week.

The next image is "Tophat Bandit." This is another pencil drawing I did that is available in my Scociety6 shop.

There most likely will not be another post until next Monday.  I plan to have as many sketches for the remanding robots done, maybe an outline for one as well depending on how things go. I also plan to put one or two of the quilled flowers in my Etsy shop on Monday as well.  I am working on two other projects right now that I hope to have done today. Even if I finish them today I probably will not post them until next Monday with everything else. I also want to do some more pencil drawings, one being called Zombie squirrel a prelude to Zombie acorn, but those will probably be the last thing I work on this week.

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