Saturday, March 24, 2012

65. Notes Calendar Design

First here is the new calendar design I did for 2013. The first is an in progress screen shot of calendar, and the second is the completed calendar. I am thinking I will put this in my Society6 shop on May 1st. There may be some minor tweaking to the piece before it is posted but it will not be anything major. I will also be taking my 2012 calendar designs (Night Sky and Hour glass) out of my Society6 shop on May 1st.  I am thinking about redoing  / editing  them for 2013, but I am not sure yet. I have a couple more calendar designs that I plan to start working on soon.

The next set of images are all new pieces in my Society6 shop.  The first piece is a Photoshop piece called "Blossoms." The next is "Feather"; this is the final version of a sketch from an older blog post. The next image is "Arrows" and the last is "Purple Monster."  I have also posted my Music notes collage piece from a previous post in my society6 shop as well.

Except for the calendar design these are all available in my society6 shop now. Soceity6 has also added the ability for people to buy cards of prints from there website now.

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