Friday, January 6, 2012

42. Robo Bird and the Circus

The first image is a project I am working on now.  The idea is somewhat about childhood dreams.  The text might end up changing from "run away to the" to "run away and join."  Once I start working on it in Illustrator I will see which seems better. There might be a couple more of these I am not completely sure yet.

The next image branches off from that project. I am thinking about taking the lettering for the word circus and expanding it into full font. This is more of an experiment and the sketch is just a really rough version of the letters, and mainly just trying to figure somethings out with them. I will most likely work on more sketching for those over the next week.

The last image is another pencil drawing called "Robo Bird Catches the Worm." This will be up in my society6 shop later today.

I am also in the process I creating a few more quilled designs for my Etsy shop. Right now its mostly testing things and once I get something finished I will post it here.

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