Friday, January 13, 2012

46. Raindrops and colored pencils

Just a couple more finished pieces and an in progress project. The first piece is "Rain Drops." This one will be made available in my society6 shop in a few days. I may end up changing it a little to take out the clouds, but I am not sure yet.

The next piece is "Diamonds in the Sky." I am not sure yet if this will be put in my society6 shop or not. I may end up working up another version.

The last piece is an in progress / test piece. I wanted to play with colored pencils a bit. But since I haven't used them in a while this piece is more of a test or practice project. I will either post it in colored stages or just post it when the piece is done. I am also going to post a couple photographs in my society6 shop today and tomorrow, to see how they do. If they do okay I may end up posting a few more.

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