Saturday, January 21, 2012

51. News

This post is just going to be news and some self promotion. I received a few E-mails from Society6 that 6 of my prints were selected to be in the Society 6 shop.  These prints will be added to "Zombie Acorn" that was including a while back. This is a link to my Society6 shop and this is a link to all of my prints in the Society6 shop as a group. I will post links to each print that was recently added to it below.

I have also been working on Quilled gift tags for my Etsy Shop. Because I can't do a Blog post without at least one picture, after the links is quick photograph of one of the gift tags I did. I am planning to sell these in groups of five so they will either be in my Etsy shop tomorrow or Monday depending on what I have to do today.

"Flower" -

 "Type Face" -

"May Robot" -

"April Robot" -

"Tophat Bandit" -

"2012 Calendar - Night Sky" -

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