Wednesday, January 25, 2012

53. Sketches For New Projects

These are sketches for a few new things I will be working on. These will all be presents for up coming birthdays...Shhhh! The first is for the birthday cards. This will be made like my Christmas cards from my  post around October ( Set 1, Set 2).  I will be making three of these for people and then depending on how they turn out make a few more for my Etsy Shop.

The next three sketches are for the actual presents which will be quilled art pieces. These are very rough sketches mainly just trying to figure out the layout. I am also going to use these as test runs for few new things I want to try with my quilling work.  The first birthday that comes around I plan to give them the Woodstock piece, so that will be the first one I am working on. I plan to post in progress pictures as I work on these, so the first ones might be sometime next week, possibly earlier.

The last image is my latest piece I put in my Society6 shop called "Putting Your Foot Down."


  1. Hi,

    I follow you from Etsy... Your blog is one of my favorite. Beautiful, clever, inspiration and I just love it.^_^